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My name is Danielle Camadine & I have been pursuing bodybuilding since January 2015. What started out as a silly New Year's Resolution quickly turned into something I was very passionate about. I competed in my first two Bodybuilding Shows in the spring of 2016 in the OCB/WNBF Bikini Division. One of the main goals I have as a female lifter/personal trainer is to reign in other women to try strength training. I have found so much joy and motivation in feeling strong & independent. One of my favorite quotes is "our bodies are capable of anything; it's our minds we have to convince.



Kyle Smith

Birthday: June 25th 1990 (age 26)

Height: 5’11

Offseason weight: 245lbs

Contest weight: 214lbs

Years training: 9

Most recent placing’s: April 2015 - Steve Stone Metropolitan Championships, Heavy weight novice 2nd place. Open Heavy Weight 4th.

June 2016 - Bev Francis Mid Atlantic States. Heavy weight Novice 1st place. Novice Overall winner. Open Heavyweight 4th place.